Maia Henkin

Maia Henkin



6/18/22: I am a Semi-Finalist in ISA's Launch Pad Pilot Competition!

5/26/22: I was invited to speak on the Chat With Dan Show (podcast) about being a multi-hyphenate! Tune in on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.. 

5/25/22: The trailer for my half-hour dramatic pilot, "Outli(a)rs" can be found here!

4/25/22: The trailer for my directorial debut film, "Little Cuts," can be found here!

4/11/22: I am a Second Rounder in ISA's Launch Pad Pilot Competition!

2/25/22: Acting in "Infested" (dir: Zac Allard), produced by Guillermo Del Toro's Exile Entertainment.

A film I acted in just won "Best Horror" at Indie Short Fest. 

10/20/21: A film I acted in just won the "Audience Choice Award" for the entire Horror Haus Festival!

7/20/21: My script, "Find Your Light" just scored an 8 on the Black List!

6/25/21: A film I acted in, "Narrow" (dir. Anna Chazelle), is now on AMC's Shudder.

4/22/21: First day directing and acting in "OUTLIaRS", my new indie pilot!

3/26/21: My pilot script, "Addicts" is now #15 on the Coverfly Red List!

3/15/21: My feature, "Find Your Light" is a Semi-Finalist for WeScreenplay!

3/12/21: A film that I acted in, "Vial", just got into the Academy Award-qualifying Santa Barbara Film Festival! See our film listed in Deadline
2/28/21: Acting as the lead in "Blood Lasts", a new film by BFI London Alum Roth Rind. View the teaser here

11/20/20: Had so much fun ADing for "Limerence", by Sonja O'Hara for the Sundance Collab

10/14/20: Acting as the lead in "Verissimilitude", by AFI Director Ben Hosking.

10/01/20: Got the news today that I am in the top 4% of scripts at WeScreenplay! (Top 1% character, Top 1% structure, Top 5% dialogue, top 5% plot). 

9/25/20: Just wrapped directing and acting in my film, "Little Cuts"! 

9/20/20: A film I acted in is an Official Selection at the Academy Awards-qualifying Fantasia Film Festival! See the rave review for Narrow (dir. Anna Chazelle) in FilmDaze.

9/1/20: I'm the featured writer for Coverfly! Out of tens of thousands of projects, they only choose a handful to be featured screenwriters. So honored!

7/20/20: My pilot was an Official Selection at the Academy Awards-qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival!

7/9/20: Interviewed for Creative Screenwriting Magazine alongside industry pros like Bobby Roth (writer/director/producer of Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Prison Break) and David Andalman (Sundance Audience Award nominee, Tribeca Jury Award).

6/12/20: My pilot, "Addicts" is a Semi-Finalist for the Stage 32 Writing Contest!

5/9/20: Acting as Sara in "Vial" directed by WME-repped Sonja O'Hara (Independent Magazine's "10 Filmmakers to Watch").     

4/9/20: I am a Semi-Finalist for the SUNDANCE EPISODIC LAB! Yay!!! 

3/17/20: I advanced to the Quarter Finals of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition! Only 10% of scripts make the cut.

11/6/19: I just advanced to the Quarter Finals of the Screencraft Pilot Launch Competition

10/25/19: Out of over 11,000 submissions, "Separate Checks" is a Second Rounder at Austin Film Festival! I'll see you in Austin, TX!

10/6/19: Only 3% of scripts advance to the Quarter Finals of the Final Draft Big Break Contest and my script made the cut! 
10/2/19: "Addicts" is a Gold Award Winner for Best TV Script at the International Queen Palm Film Festival

10/1/19: Out of 5,000 submissions, I advanced to the Quarter Finals of The Script Lab Screenplay Contest!

9/16/19: "Addicts" is a FINALIST at the Oaxaca FilmFest!

9/11/19: Two of my pilots moved on to the Semi-Finals for Los Angeles CineFest! 
9/7/19: "Addicts" is an Official Selection for the Austin Comedy Short Festival!

8/29/19: As a finalist in the Big Apple Film Festival, my pilot, "Addicts", is being read out loud by professional actors at the Cinépolis Theater in NYC on 8/29 at 8pm. Get your tickets here!
8/20/19: My LGBT pilot, "Separate Checks" beat out 200 other applicants for the Wildsound Festival's Logline of the Month! 

8/16/19: I'm acting in "Narrow", a new film by the WME-repped writer/director Anna Chazelle!

8/12/19: My pilot, "Addicts", is officially a FINALIST at the Big Apple Film Festival!

8/6/19: I qualified for Margie Haber's advanced class! I am beyond excited to start working with Margie, one of the top acting coaches in Hollywood. 

8/3/19: Catch me as the lead in "It's All In My Head", now on Amazon Prime!
6/2/19: Modeling for LA's Cosmo Glamsquad!

5/7/19: Mike Royce (the EP of "Everybody Loves Raymond") has shown interest in my work! I'm now in the running as a writer for the new CBS series, "Super Simple Love Story". Fingers crossed!

4/16/19: Booked co-star role on the Ultimate Makeover comedic webseries!

4/8/19: Performing at A Noise Within Theatre with the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (@TheLAFPI) as part of SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now). Happy to be a part of such a great cause!

2/14/19: Just won "Best Play" at the Player's Theatre NYC Festival! You can read press about it here
2/5/19: Travelling to NYC to see my play, "The Legally-Binding Consummation of Lord Benedict de Tancarville and Lady Christine d'Aguillon" at the Player's Theatre

12/16/18: Awesome seeing my holiday short, "Hairy Christmas" performed as part of the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative. (@TheLAFPI). Support female playwrights!

10/18/18: Acting update! Playing Margaret in "Family Man", a film by Max Lujan.  

9/21/18: My play, "Family Planning", is being performed in NYC at the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre! Read the article here

8/24/18: My play, "Joan", is now featured in 365 Women A Year, featuring plays about notable women in history.

8/23/18: My play, "Life in Cigarettes" is being performed at The Tank in NYC! So proud of my team. You can read press here

8/17/18: Premiere of my film that I wrote and acted in, "Quinceanera", at Regal LA Live!

7/10/18: Acting in Dan Fishback's banned play about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, "Rubble Rubble", at Art-Share LA. Buy tickets here.

6/19/18: Producing and Assistant Directing "Triad", a pilot for Lionsgate Digital by the WME-repped Sonja O'Hara!

5/2/18: My play, "Beheld" is getting its third production in NYC, now playing at the Player's Theatre! Read press here.